Andrey Nesterenko


Concert in Musis, Parkzaal, Arnhem

J. Baggermans – Met richting
M. Jamieson – Sonata for Tenor Saxophone and Piano
C. Franck – Vioolsonate in A (arr. Jos Baggermans)
J. MacMillan – After the Tryst (arr. Gerard McChrystal)
J. Baggermans – Tokketa
Jos Baggermans, Soprano, Alto and Tenor saxophones
Andrey Nesterenko, Piano

This is one concert of series of concerts across the Netherlands after Andrey Nesterenko and Jos Baggermans won Public Prize by Grachtenfestival Concours 2017

Concertlocatie: Musis, Parkzaal/foyer, Velperbuitensingel 25, Arnhem